Take home BBQ

Riverland Take home BBQ is completely unique, and designed to make your weekend BBQ, family dinner, or solo pig out , easier than it has ever been before. 

We start by sourcing the best breed and cut from producers across the country. Then, A unique , super slow, super low temperature cooking method, renders all the fats and softens the meat to perfection.

This means – you can take home a slow cooked piece of meat, that simply needs to be re-heated and its done. Almost all our products take less than half an hour to cook at home, saving you an enormous amount of cooking time and effort.


Our range varies by season, and includes;

Beef Ribs – pasture fed tasmanian beef short ribs, cooked and seasoned with a house made texas style rib rub.

ready to eat in 30-45minutes.

Pork Ribs – racks of perfectly rendered pork ribs , cooked and seasoned with our house made pork rub.

ready to eat in 15-20 minutes

Pulled Pork – hand pulled pork, blended with our house made DR. Pepper BBQ sauce , sold in take home bags perfect for the bbq or stove top.

ready in 10 minutes

Beef Cheeks – Pasture fed tasmanian beef cheeks, cooked natural until they fall apart.

ready in 30 minutes

Lamb Shanks – 300+ gram New England lamb racks , cooked natural until soft enough to fall off the bone.

ready in 30 minutes

riverland banner


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