BBQ SAUCE – The tips to getting it right



We’re not about to give away all our secrets here to making our highly sought after BBQ sauces, but we DO want to help you make your own. There are 3 main elements to a BBQ sauce, the base, the sweeteners and the spices. I have listed some tricks of the trade below, in each category. Use them all, use a few, whatever you like, just find the balance you like and the flavour you love. You seriously can’t go wrong.

Tomato Sauce (any standard supermarket brand)
home made tomato sauce (diced tomatoes, sugar, salt , water, and some time!)

Brown sugar
Molasses / treacle
Soft drink (coke, Dr pepper etc)
glucose syrup

Smoked paprika
cayenne pepper
onion powder / diced onion
Garlic powder / diced garlic
liquid smoke / powdered smoke (available at most gourmet grocers)
cocoa powder
lemon / orange zest
celery seed
white / black pepper
coffee (instant / grinds / espresso)
Apple Cider Vinegar
Sherry Vinegar

Have a play around with flavours and create something amazing that is your own! don’t forget, if you are using a lot of sugars (which i recommend) , be sure to bring the sauce to heat to help combine all the ingredients.

Brendan Langfield


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